What to do and what to see in Fiumicino?

Ancient land, keeping pace with the times, the charm of the sea and unique dishes – that’s what is typical for a holiday in Fiumicino. This resort is known not only because of the nearby Rome-Fiumicino airport, but also thanks to the excellent local cuisine. Probably therefore, along with modern apartments and villas along the sea, there are numerous hotels offering breakfast or agritourism, which give an opportunity to taste local products.

Fiumicino is also famous for the beauty of its beaches, which offer magnificent views of the sunset, and after sunset you can drink an aperitif in one of the establishments here on the sand, and have fun until dawn in numerous bars, restaurants and discos.

It is worth to follow one of the routes Vie del Gusto – velogastronomicheskuyu tour, which will lead to the most traditional local bars and restaurants. In addition, one can not but visit the Archeological Port of Claudio and Traiano ports and the historic center.