To order a transfer or taxi from Fiumicino Rome Airport to Ciampino airport for the price of 65 € write to  +39-351-849-0434 (Viber, WhatsApp). Also you can describe all your requirements and wishes for the transfer, choose any route and book excursions by writing to mail

Not far from the center of Rome, especially in comparison with Fiumicino, is the small but very popular airport of Ciampino, also known as Giovanni Batista Pastina Airport.
One of the oldest operating airports, Ciampino is still very busy and has a huge (especially in relation to its size) passenger flow.
His popularity Ciampino acquired through incredibly cheap domestic and charter flights. For example, tickets to Barcelona can be bought much cheaper than 40 €. Fly flights from Rome airport quickly, profitable and convenient.
The airport has very modest dimensions – only four luggage belts. It is absolutely impossible to get lost, and the speed of the work of employees is simply cosmic.
Despite the fact that Ciampino is very close to Rome airport, it is impossible to reach it by its own power.
It is not recommended to use the services of taxi drivers, waiting on the streets of Rome and near the airport. Most often the initially named price will change during the trip, of course, not in your favor. Also, most often such taxi drivers charge various surcharges for luggage and night time.
To ensure that the impressions of the trip have not been spoiled yet at the stage of the road, we recommend booking a transfer to get from Rome to Ciampino or vice versa.
Highly qualified drivers, comfortable cars and a previously known fixed transfer price will leave only positive emotions from the trip regardless of the time of day.
To order a transfer or taxi, you can simply click on the transfer price from Rome airport Fiumicino (FCO)  to Ciampino airport (CIA) – 65 € write to  +39-351-849-0434 (Viber, WhatsApp). Also you can describe all your transfer requirements and wishes, choose any route and book excursions by filling out an application or by writing to mail Payment for the transfer is carried out at a tariff confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and AFTER the transfer of Rome airport Fiumicino (FCO)  to Ciampino airport (CIA). Some deposit could be required.