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The incredible beauty of the seaside town, one of the few where the luxurious Mediterranean forests are preserved, is, of course, Ladispoli.
The gentle Tyrrhenian Sea and beaches with black volcanic sand make this city under the auspices of St. Giuseppe especially attractive for tourists.
However, in addition to taking sea and sun baths, there are many other things that you can do in Ladispoli. Be sure to go to one of the largest central squares named after Roberto Rossellini (the famous Italian filmmaker who perpetuated Ladispoli in his paintings). After that, touch the world of the dead and visit the Etruscan tombs of Monteroni and Vaccina in the necropolis – the city of the dead.
Akin to Tivoli, Ladispoli is famous for its villas. Especially famous were the ancient villas Posta Vecchia, Pompea and Grottaccia.
After enjoying the historical values, stop in one of the many restaurants in Ladispoli to taste amazingly delicious dishes of Italian cuisine.
You can see a lot of strange plants, birds and animals in the vicinity of Ladispoli. There is also the ancient Flavia Tower, built before our era.
To quickly and comfortably get from Rome to Ladispoli, as well as visit its surroundings, it is best to order a private transfer. In a comfortable car with a professional driver 55 kilometers, dividing the two cities, fly easily and imperceptibly.
Payment for the transfer is carried out at a tariff confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and only AFTER the transfer of Rome – Ladispoli.