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In the heart of the protected Tuscany is located an incredible mineral spa – Saturnia. According to legend, Jupiter was angry with Saturn and threw his spear into it, but missed. It was at the place where the spear fell that the terms of Saturnia arose.
This is an amazing corner of our planet – the temperature of hot springs is 37.5 ° and is considered ideal for the human body. Those who have already been lucky enough to visit the Italian spa city, authoritatively argue that the relaxing effect of water procedures is felt instantly. Another very pleasant fact is that bathing in the sources is absolutely free. Of course, Saturnia is also rich in chic spa centers, good, there are really many thermal springs.
The source of the old mill is especially attractive, which can be visited at any time of the day. In the channel there are a lot of “troughs”, in which you can lie down and enjoy the healing flow.
In Tuscany is a very mild pleasant climate, there are no infinite number of giant plants, but there are incredible oak and coniferous forests. All this natural wealth makes Saturnia even more curative and attractive.
If you have already tasted all the charm of swimming in mineral springs, then take a walk through the winding streets of Saturnia, visit the benches of artisans and taste the famous Tuscan wines.

Between Rome and the thermal paradise there are 170 km of freeways that will quickly fly in the transfer of Rome Airport Fiumicino FCO – Terme di Saturnia.
In addition to the transfer, you can book a tour of the city. Saturnia is rich in surrounding beauty. Be sure to go to the natural park of Maremma and lose your head from the combination of juicy greens, impenetrable mountains and golden sandy beaches. The transfer will take you to Skansano, where you can admire the indescribable panoramic view and see the ancient castle, where the monastery was located for some time.
Ordering a transfer, you can also visit Magliano and Alberese. Cool interior of the car and a neat polite driver will make your trip quick and pleasant, without unnecessary expenditure of nerves and forces.

To book an excursion, transfer or taxi, you can simply click on the transfer price from Rome Terme di Saturnia to Terme di Saturnia – 248 € and fill out the application, you can call +39-329-725-6761, +7-903-391-4465 (Viber, WhatsApp). Also you can describe all your requirements for the transfer, choose any route and book the excursions by filling out the Application or by writing to mail Payment for the transfer is carried out at a tariff confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and only AFTER the transfer of Rome Fiumicino Airport – Terme di Saturnia or excursions to Saturnia.