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Ostia, or, as it is still called, Lido Di Ostia – a resort town located about 10 km from Rome airport Fiumicino on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, tourists get the opportunity to combine beach holidays with walks to the sights of Rome. Also, the town is relevant for those who decided to visit Rome in the summer – long walks in the hot heat pleasantly dilute with lulling relaxation in the waves of the sea.
The city was founded in 1884 and initially inhabited mostly by peasants, however, when in 1924 it was a railway from the capital, it began to populate the Romans in large numbers. The name “Lido Di Ostia” means “Ostia beach”. A lot of tourists come here to enjoy the mild climate, sandy beaches and coastal fish restaurants. Lovers of exploring the new go for impressions in the unique archaeological reserve of Ostia Antica, where the ruins of the ancient city are preserved. Pontile di Ostia – popular in the city for walking, the promenade, which offers a charming view of the sea, and the sky is beautifully landing aircraft landing in Fiumicino. On both sides of the pier stretch the beaches and small houses, after a walk you can find a cafe with a pleasant view and enjoy an evening by the sea with a glass of wine made in the neighborhood. Basically local cafes specialize in traditional Italian cuisine, but there are also several restaurants with eastern and even Indian cuisine.
To the sights of the city, among other things, there is a Catholic church in its very center, there is an ancient altar, a statue of the Madonna, a graceful painting in the Art Nouveau style. Also worth a visit is the Fishermen’s District, where you can see the process of catching fish and local streets that combine simplicity with comfort. In August, there is a Fisherman’s Day – the days in which the city is filled with fun. It’s interesting to look at Capocotta – a beach on which you can see rare plants and sand dunes.
Ostia will give everyone an unforgettable vacation and you will be provided with a Transfer Rome – Lido Di Ostia. You can also book a city tour. Payment for the transfer is carried out at a tariff confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and only AFTER the transfer of Rome airport Fiumicino – Lido Di Ostia or excursions to Lido di Ostia.