To order a transfer or a taxi to Outlet Castel Romano for 65 Euros, you can simply fill out an application. Also you can describe all your transfer requirements and wishes, choose any route and book excursions by filling out an application or by writing to mail You can make personal order. Payment for the transfer (taxi ride) is carried out at a rate confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and only AFTER the transfer of Rome – Outlet Castel Romano. You can also WhatsApp chat   +39-351-849-0434 .

Working hours Outlet Castel Romano: daily 10:00-20:00, Friday and Saturday until 21:00.

Even those who are completely indifferent to shopping, simply have to visit Outlet Castel Romano. At first glance it is rather difficult to understand where you were – an outlet with an area of ​​more than eleven square kilometers is made in the style of ancient Rome. Or rather, it will be said that it is a copy of ancient Rome. Here you can admire the fortress walls with towers, and on the square, and the palaces with gorgeous arches and columns.
This similarity is not accidental, because Outlet Castel Romano, the fourth largest shopping center in Italy, is only ten kilometers from the ring road of Rome.
Having admired the beauty of Castel Romano, one can easily forget about the true reason for his visit. However, the map of this “town” will help you remember the original purpose of the visit. By the way, we strongly recommend that you carefully read this card to save time and better orientation in the world of stores.
In Castel Romano outlet there are shops for every taste and purse, both mass-market and elite boutiques. Here and all kinds of products for children of all ages, clothing for sports and everyday life, household goods, cosmetics and even jewelry. Prices are really very different, but the quality of all products is consistently high. In the season of sales, discounts reach 70% and shopping becomes many times more profitable and exciting.
The first question that arises in the head of a tourist is most often “How to get to Outlet Castel Romano?”.
The answer to it is quite simple – you need to order a transfer Rome – Outlet Castel Romano. This is very convenient, because you do not have to worry about the necessary stop or availability of seats. Even the most restrained buyer is almost impossible to leave the Castel Romano outlet (taxi) without a bale of treasured packages. What can we say about the season of sales! But most often the scale of the purchased we are aware only after we cannot even raise all that was acquired. Here again, the transfer will come to the rescue. Ordering a taxi, you will easily bring all the trophies from shopping in the outlet to the end point. It’s simple and convenient, and the impression of a successful shopping will not be irrevocably spoiled.