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The Alma mater of the Italian mafia is considered to be the oldest city of Naples. But, despite the dubious reputation, it’s hard not to recognize this city as amazingly beautiful.
Naples is a city of contrasts. Elegant churches in the Baroque style and pompous palaces in it harmoniously coexist with noisy primitive markets and crowds of pickpockets.
According to Homer, Naples originated in the place where the body was borne by the body of the siren of Parthenope, who could not seduce Odysseus with her singing.
Start your acquaintance with the historical center of Naples best from the old Castel del Ovo castle, which for many centuries was a prison.
Not far from the port for a whole block is the Royal Palace, in the niches of which statues of the rulers of Naples are erected. Immediately you can enjoy the most beautiful square in the city – the plebiscite square.
From the royal “heart” of the city there is a rather noisy street of Toledo, from which many small streets-vessels leave.
To the left of the Toledo street is the Spanish Quarter, in which, it is said, the main lair of the Neapolitan mafia – Camorra is located. It is safer for this part of the walk to turn from Toledo street to the left, and to the right, and find yourself on the charming square of Gesu-Nouveau. Here you can admire the basilica of Santa Chiara, which served as a burial vault for the kings of Naples, and the Jesuit church, named after the street.
Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Naples, where the relics of Saint Januarius and the ampoule with clots of his blood are stored.
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