To order a transfer or a taxi to Vatican for 48 Euros, you can simply fill out an application. Also you can describe all your transfer requirements and wishes, choose any route and book excursions by filling out an application or by writing to mail You can make personal order. Payment for the transfer (taxi ride) is carried out at a rate confirmed after consultation with our specialist, and only AFTER the transfer of Rome – Vatican.

Transfer is faster than public transport in 1,5-2,5 times. Due to the fact that you do not need to adjust to the schedule and do not have to waste time on stops on the route.

Faster taxi in place on average 5-15 minutes, as the driver arrives at the appointed time, and you do not have to waste time searching for the right car and wait for delivery.

Comfortable option without additional stress
A car will come, which is needed. At the time of ordering on the site you choose capacity and additional parameters, for example, a child seat at the right age.

We meet in a convenient place. At airports, drivers try to be with the nameplate of the client so close to the arrival area, as far as the rules allow. In hotels we try to meet at the reception; Fiumicino Airport in Rome is no exception.

You do not need to know the language of a foreign country. Many drivers and acquaintances know the Russian language, even more – they know English. In extreme cases, you can communicate with a support manager who knows Russian.

Serviceable cars and professional drivers. We work with licensed carriers. Transfers are carried out on cars that have passed through maintenance, not older than seven years. Drivers have licenses for professional activities.

Service at an understandable price
The price is fixed at the time of the order. Whichever payment option you choose, the price will not change. The driver can ask for an additional payment only if you need to travel with a deviation from the route or make a long stop.

Payment in convenient currency. You choose in which currency to pay for the service. This will allow you not to think how to exchange money to leave for a local taxi from the Fiumicino airport in Rome to the Vatican.