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Termini, Rome’s main railway station, is the second largest passenger in Europe, behind Paris’s Gare du Nord: about 800 trains run through it daily. At Rome Termini train station there are trains from all major cities of the country and many European capitals, both lines of the Roman metro cross here, and on the Cinquecento square, where the facade of the station looks, there is a bus station and many public transport stops.

During its one and half century history, the main station in Rome was rebuilt and reconstructed more than once. The first building of the station was built in 1863 to serve the railway line of Rome-Frascati – it was built on the site of Villa Mantalto-Peretti.

A few years later, the small station stopped coping with passenger traffic, and it was decided to build a more spacious and solid building on the hill of Esquiline. The construction lasted more than ten years, and was completed in 1874. Due to its location – not far from Diocletian’s terme, the station was called “Termini”.

The last reconstruction of Termini was made in 2000

The next stage of perestroika began in 1937 on the orders of Mussolini, but was interrupted by the war that had begun. After the end of World War II, construction continued, and already in 1950, Termini Station in Rome earned full force.

The last reconstruction, which turned it into one of the most modern railway stations in the country, was made quite recently – in 2000. Today’s Termini Station is a grandiose structure with a well-developed infrastructure: ticket offices, information offices, storage rooms, cafes, restaurants, newsagents, many shops, as well as a large shopping center.

How to get there
The Termini station is located in the heart of Rome – about a mile to the Colosseum, to Navona Square – just over two, to the Vatican – about three kilometers. Since the train station is crowded with many urban transport routes, you can get to it from anywhere in Rome.

It is more convenient and quickest to use the services of the metro station, where both lines of the Roman metro intersect, is located directly under the station in the basement. For more information on the work of the Roman subway, see the article on BlogoItaliano Metro in Rome: map, cost, time of work.

Termini is a grandiose structure with a well-developed infrastructure

Due to the fact that Termini is so well located relative to the main attractions, and considering the convenience of traveling from here to the airport and other Italian cities, this area is perfect for travelers planning a busy schedule.

The best selection of hotels in the Termini area is on this page, and the list of actual hotel sales in the area is presented below. But if you decide to stop here – pick up housing at least for 1-2 quarters – after all, the station is the station.

From those areas of the capital, where the metro has not yet reached, you can reach the railway station of Rome by bus – on the station square there are stops of most of the city routes. To get acquainted with the public transport system in Rome, click here.

Tourists who landed at Fiumicino Airport can reach the Termini Station on the Leonardo Express – a special train that runs along the route “Train Station-Airport”. Trains run daily with an interval of no more than 30 minutes, the journey takes about half an hour.

Travelers who do not hurry anywhere can go to the station by bus – this trip will take longer than on the train, but this defect is completely compensated by the much lower price of the ticket. In addition, as in any airport in the world, in Fiumicino you can order a taxi and drive to the station quickly and comfortably. Full information on how to get to Rome from the airport of Fiumicino you can find here.

From the airport Fiumicino to the station Termini goes Leonardo Express

From Ciampino Airport to Termini Station, you can reach in several ways. The easiest way is to take the Terravision bus, which will take you directly to the train station. The fare is 5 euros, buses run quite often, and the trip takes about 40 minutes.

Another way is to use the services of Cotral: by their bus you can get to the nearest metro station, and then by train get to the destination. Of course, the option with the metro is not very convenient, but it is quite democratic in price. If you also do not want to give up comfort during your vacation – order a taxi online. More details about this service BlogoItaliano wrote in the Taxi in Italy article: how to book online directly to the airport.

Trains from Rome to Venice depart from Termini Station every day, once per hour. Time on the high-speed train does not exceed 4 hours in the daytime and 6 hours – in the night.